Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sweater Vests?


  1. Maybe you could do what you have done with the past with the extra credit quizzes. I remember that Mr. English had an opportunity for us to take a mc test and there was a formula for how much ec we got.

    Maybe we could agree as a class and use swvest days to take an ec test? So at least you aren't grade inflating without some sort of relation to ap physics c.

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  3. We should have a level system. where the more days we can accumulate the better the ec becomes.
    For example...

    3 days= one quiz retry
    5 days= ec quiz
    7 days= ec test

    and then each student can distribute their number of days to what ever they seem fitting. So if we have 8 days, then you can either take a ec test; or drop one quiz and take a ec quiz. And, the quiz or test can be a mix of all topics covered so far in class.